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    over 10,000 1990 thru 2003 Bowman to trade

    I just traded for a hugh baseball lot and I now have over 10,000 Bowman baseball to trade from 1990 thru 2003. Most of the cards I have are commons, semi and minor stars but I also have some stars. There are very few 1992 Bowman and varying amounts from the other years. Please don't inquire about "hot" rookies, however as I probably won't have many of thosae. Also included are some gold and international parallels, retro, etc.

    ONE THING HOWEVER, ..........please review my www page first to determine whether you have any cards that meet my set-building needs and my Dodgers wants. All of my current wants up to 2004 are listed on my page.

    If anyone is interested in a starter set from 1993, 94, 95 or 96, I may be able to make one up for your '04 starter sets.


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    Do you have any of these?

    1996 Bowman 31 Ron Gant
    1996 Bowman Foil 31 Ron Gant
    1997 Bowman International 252 Ron Gant

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