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Thread: Card Cash Information and Uses

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    Card Cash Information and Uses

    Sports Card Forum Reward Points (RP) is a reward point system for SCF members. Generally, Reward Points have been used in a 100 Card Card equals $1 ratio value system to purchase items on SCF.

    How do members get Reward Points?

    1. Adding Images to the OPG/Inventory - 0.5 Reward Points per image!
    2. Tagging your inventory images with a team - 0.1 Reward Points per image!
    3. Superior Posts - If SCF notice a very good posts or a member assisting another member they may be awarded RP
    4. Guess the Score (GTS) contests - You will notice GTS threads in the Contest Forum. It costs nothing to play and you can win RP
    5. Birthday Reward - 100 RP for Reg. Member & 200 RP for VIP members.
    6. Other Contests - Again look out for RP contests n the Contest Forum
    7. You can buy RP in the Reward Points Exchange forum.
    8. You can buy & sell cards for RP in the Reward Points for Cards & Misc. Forum forum.
    9. For posting box breaks in official SCF threads.

    Where do I spend the Rewards Points?

    1. Rewards Points Store
    2. Reward Points Auctions (Coming Soon)
    3. You can buy cards for RP in the Reward Points for Cards forum.
    4. Graphics - Buy some banners/avatars
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    It took me a while to find out what this was... lol. It will probably take me a while to get some card cash! lol.

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    Thank you very much for this information!
    Glad to have you on t he site!!!

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