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Thread: Chat Room Tutorial

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    Chat Room Tutorial

    The SCF chat room is packed with lots of great features to include multiple chat rooms and an Instant Message (IM) system to take chats offline and private. The chat room and IM come with video and voice capability.

    To enter the chat room go to Live Chat in the navigation bar (to the right of Blogs).

    You must enable pop ups on SCF. The Chat Room will pop up.

    The Chat Room is segmented into three areas; rooms, the main chat area, and the Audio/Video Dock.


    There will be multiple rooms set up. By default you will go into the Chit Chat room. Simply go to the room you want to join and click on the name of the room (i.e. Baseball, NFL Football, etc) and the chat room details will show up. Click Join to enter a room.

    The main chat room is simple to use. Simply type in your message to the right of Style and click Send when you want to share a message with the room.

    Audio/Video (A/V)
    Just under the Rooms and Main Chat area is the A/V area. To the left shows what you are displaying to members. If you have a webcam and/or microphone you can turn them on here. Simply click on the A or V button just under the A/V Dock.

    Instant Message (IM)

    If you want to take a chat offline with a member click on the member's name and their info will appear at the bottom left of the screen. Click on the IM button and the IM box will appear. You can also use the webcam or voice feature here as well.

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    Please note that IM is currently disabled for most members.

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    hey guys, how do I transfer my feedback from another sit such as Blowoutcards?
    thanks to anyone who can help

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    You already have enough feedback so transferring feedback is not necessary.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cantilxcotton View Post
    How do we enter the chat now??
    Up at the top of the forum, you will see some tabs. On the far right, it will say "SCF Chat". Click on that, and it will bring up a login screen. Input your SCF Username into the first box and click login, no password is required.

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