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    Anyone interested in buying any cards of 2003 Playoff Contenders?

    I got 2 boxes today and got:

    Carson Palmer (054/194) (SOLD ON eBay BIN...Lasted all of 15 minutes! WOW!!!)

    Calico (250/499)((054/194) (SOLD ON eBay BIN...Lasted all of 15 minutes! WOW!!!)

    Larry Johnson (241/344)
    Quentin Griffin (338/999)
    William Joseph (679/764)
    Walter Young (108/889)
    Zuriel Smith (265/989)
    Calvin Pace (#106/999)
    Kenny Peterson (redemption) #/?

    Playoff Tickets inserts #/150
    McNair and Troy Brown

    ROY Contenders-
    Terrell Suggs and Carson Palmer

    MVP Contenders-
    Favre and Urlacher

    One Question tho, how the hell did they come up with these wierd # of autos?

    PLMK! I am only selling tho, not trading. I figured I would post here before taking them to eBay


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    PM me what RCs you got and the other autos, I like the Calico too.

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    Lost Soul, I will PM ya as soon as I get thru the 5 e-mails that just hit all at once.


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    I also got Rookie Roundup cards of Troy Polamalu and Cortez Hankton #/375


    Legendary Contenders of Larry Csonka and Jim Kelly

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    wow...that is an amazing ive seen so far....if u were interested in trading the johnson, palmer, or calico i would love to try and get one....but i would just like to compliment on such an mazing box break....the palmers gotta go for 250 alone and the johnson has to book around 80-100 and calico booking around 50-60 for my guess.....nice job.

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    Well, it is from 2 boxes, but the Palmer, Johnson and Calico all came from the same box.

    I am just wanting to recover some of the $$ I spent on the 2 boxes so if nobody here wants to buy them, I will just throw then on eBay.

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    I like the palmer, calico and johnson, can u give me prices for each 3?

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