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Thread: What did you just eat/drink?

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    For Dinner:

    - Hot Wings (About 15)
    - BBQ Chips
    - Water

    Nice thread! ;)

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    Had some Kalbi (Korean barbecued beef short ribs), with rice and grilled peppers/onions. Washed it down with lots of water. This stuff is like crack, if you have it once U will be addicted. I've perfected the recipe!! I've made it like for a dozen or so of my friends and they are addicted

    For dessert last night I splurged and got some Bryers Coffee ice cream, and crunched up a big Heath bar in it. YUMEEEE!! (today I must run!!)

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    For breakfast I had a chicken and cheese quesadilla and hazelnut flavored coffee to drink.
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    Had a Hawaiian burger and fries with a Coke for lunch. If ya'll haven't had a Hawaii burger before I would suggest finding a place that makes them and get one. The ones they make here in Mexico City are AMAZING!
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    Eating sunflower seeds and drinking a diet pepsi right now.
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    Fried Chicken Nuggets and a Coke Zero. In a few minutes ill have a peanut butter whoopie pie yummmmyy i could eat about 10 of those a day
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    English muffin with turkey sausage patty, one egg, and topped with some colby-jack cheese.

    Tonight is seafood skewers on the grill!

    I use giant tiger prawns (marinated in tequila, lime juice, red onion, and cilantro) and red and yellow peppers on the skewer and then I also made a big bowl of spicy mango salad for the side.

    Good stuff.

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    I didn't feel like cooking or going out to get anything... so I just ate two blueberry frosted poptarts... and now my stomach hurts! :)

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    Scrambled eggs and toast courtesy of dad
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    Had a coupon for a free Southern Style Chicken Biscuit from McDonald's, so I had that for breakfast and orange juice.

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