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    Clemens/Rice/Lemieux triple game used for trade!

    I have 03 Upper Deck Legendary Leaders triple game used jersey card of Roger Clemens, Jerry Rice & Mario Lemieux, serial numbered 007/250, BV-$80. looking for a offer in Game used, RC or auto of similar value

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    Are you looking for anyone other than in the list?

    I have a 2003 Donruss Classics redemption card of Art Monk that is a auto/Gu card #/50 with the same BV.

    Being a Yankees and Jerry Rice fan I would love that card.

    take a look at my www too.

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    I actually really dont collect anything but baseball, though I am considering your offer, I checked your site and didnt see one, but I was looking for Brett Favre game used a while back, would you happen to have any? PLMK...I know, I dont collect football!, but still looking for a Favre!

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    No Favre man, My sister is infatuated with him so I gave her the 1 I had for Christmas.

    That Monk GU/Auto #/50 is the only thing I had in that BV range left.

    Other than if you are interested in a 2003 Playoff Contenders Larry Johnson auto but with MLB I do not have much in that range.
    I have MLB stuff that is of good players but they do not book as well as the NFL stuff usually.

    I do have a 2003 Playoff Portraits dual GU (bat/jersey) of Eric hinske #/25 but no BV on it because not enough made.

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    Let me sleep on it & see if any other offers come up, if not I am sure we can work something out
    Thanks again

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    NP man, I will look forward to your PM on the possible trade.

    Thanks Mike


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    I haven't heard anything yet and I was wondering what ya thought.

    Please PM me when you get a chance.


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