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    wanna trade this basketball for a football card

    Wanna make rookie moves

    Well i have a huge lot i will trade....or will trade in nice size lookin for 03 04 rookies, GU of stars, or will trade some or whole lot for a decent rookie auto...

    03 04 Mvp rookies.........can trade over 50 dollars worth of rookies (have multiples)...i have names such as... hayes, hinrich, perkins, kaman, wade, howard, gaines, outlawcollison, gaines, west,

    03 04 victory wade, fod, hinrich, ridnour, hayes

    03 04 standing o kapano, cabarkapa

    03 04 topps ridnour, planinic, hinrich,

    03 04 regular upper deck hinrich star rookie

    03 04 fleer tradtion gaines, outlaw, hayes, ridnour, sweetney, diaw, howard

    03 04 cream of the crop reece gaines

    03 04 bazooka joe bosh and ford...

    i will trade in little groups or will give u about 100 dollars worth of rookies.....for 60 dollars worth of cards have to either be numbered, Gu, or auto...

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    i like these what are there Bv

    LaDainian Tomlinson upper deck xl super swatch jersey

    Mike Vick fleer platinum alma materials jersey

    Peyton Manning upper deck mvp souvenirs gu ball

    and who makes press pass..........

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