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    how much is this card worth and is it really really rare

    I have a 02/03 SP Authentic Julius ervin/Dominique wilkins auto card numbered to 25. would any of you know how much is this card is worth and is it really really rare

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    yes very rare.......go to for the value im sure its around $300+

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    I'm not sure that they would list the value because of scarcity. You could sell it for quite a bit though!
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    thanks but I will keep it for now because it could go up really high if one of them go

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    huh? I dont think the value of this card will really go up too much saying that all auto cards stay at just about the same value and Im about 99.9% sure that this card is unlisted making the value just whatever you could get for it. BTW nice card.

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    no it won't go up trust me tetired players cards go down in value because they slowly fade out of the picture because guys like kobe and iverson take there place

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    lets just say tomorrow one of them die wont his autos go up in price

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    Not really tracey, there will be a spike right after a death, but it normaly does not last long. I woulf just be happy with the card considering its an auto of arguably the best ever (Dr J)

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    If one of them was not able to sign anymore, It's hard to say how the hobby would react...

    Because, Dominique liked to sign, his auto is generally in the $10 range.
    HOF J.Erving is a bit different, already commanding~$30-$40

    With 25 pieces it's scarce, but you'd still have to find the right collector. I'd watch e-bay for similar pieces...

    BTW congrats, It's a nice card.
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    Here is one that just ended on the 1st of Feb:
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