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    I am looking to trade for some RC's of Tigers pitcher Jeremy Bonderman. My site hasn't been updated in a few weeks so I don't have a few of the cards that are up there and I have a few more to add. I will try to do so later tonight. I will also try to add some of my RC's and #'D cards to it. LMK if you see anything or who/what you collect and I will see what I have

    I am also looking for most other recent RC's on top prospects, just LMK what you have

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    griffey i can prob help a lot on your upperdeck master set do you have a list that you need?
    I will trade by bv or sv as long as I like what I'm getting


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    I might have a Bonderman RC on my site. I also might be able to help you with the Upper Deck cards.

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    Dark_Angel I need these 2 cards

    03 Upper Deck Jeremy Bonderman RC #347
    03 Upper Deck Lew Ford RC #519

    I will try and get my wantlist up for Upper Deck soon. I would appreciate any help.

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    are you only looking for regular uppeer deck? i also have a 03 topps pristine jeremy bonderman rc #137 (?)

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    Yes, I'm looking for regular Upper Deck only. I like that Bonderman just give me a second to see what I have at/around teh same BV as I'm trying to finish off typing up my wantlist.

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    I have these two:
    2003 Upper Deck Jeremy Bonderman 347
    2003 DLP Rookies & Traded Playoff Prestige Jeremy Bonderman #201

    LMK if interested.

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    For those of you wanting to help my my Upper Deck sets I made a new post for that. Patrick won't need another UD RC if I get it from dark_angel. Give me a minute and I will make an offer for the Playoff Prestige card

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    Patrick the Playoff Prestige is only $.60. Would you accept some CC for it?

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    I looked at your other post and I definitely will have some of the Upper Deck that you need. What Chipper jones and Marcus Giles cards do you have for trade?

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