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    Willing to pay up to $100 for nice autos!

    Tax Time!!!

    I am looking to buy a real nice auto, I would like to buy a Mark Prior auto but am open to any offer, the auto must be of at least $50 BV or more, so LMK what you have for sale and YOU make a price, like I mentioned I will spend up to $100 if the auto is right

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    i have a texiera and baldelli signed baseballs if interested let me know

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    Thanks, but just looking for certified cards
    Thanks for the offer

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    i have a diamond kings prior auto #/400 bv60 coming in from donruss. last one sold for 56 on ebay. ill sell you it for 50 shipped insured.

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    Let me see if I get any other offers, I was hopeing to find a lower numbered Prior auto, I will keep it in mind

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    have the following
    Adam Dunn 2001 Fleer Platinum Lumberjacks bat/auto BV $100
    sell for $35 dlvd


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    Am receiving a 2003 Donruss Sig. Todd Helton auto #'d/15 (no BV) that I will sell for $60.

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    Not really into Dunn, but that is a VG price for that card

    Not to sure if I am interested in the Helton, but I will keep your offer in mind, #d o 15, & $60 is a pretty good offer, I will keep you posted on my decision


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    I have a 2003 Schilling UD Play Ball Auto Jersey /50 bv100 for sale...I have no idea what i want on it- make an offer

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    Im selling a 03 Finest Marte Auto for $35 delivered via PayPal....It only books $40, but its gonna be a gem in a month or so...LMK

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