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Thread: Very Impressed with Donruss!

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    Talking Very Impressed with Donruss!

    I recently bought a box of 03 leaf rookies and stars football. during my box break i pulled a redemption card for a willis mcgahee material jsy/auto rc. the next day i sent in the redemption. a few days later i emailed donruss to ask if they could confirm that they had received my redemption card. i got an email back within 24 hours stating that they had received my redemption card and they would send it out. well i got the card today about three weeks after i sent it in (pretty fast) and the card was sent in a padded envelope, and very well protected. just thought i would let yall know about donruss customer service. a+++

    here is a pic of the card

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    Very nice card! Donruss is also one of the better compaines at redemptions. I am still waiting for a few redemptions from Topps that I sent back in August!!!

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    Donruss is great from what ive heard.. but didnt you tell me hot sauce that you only live like 20 minutes from the company :P... either way still a great turnaround.. Many congrats on a great card and a smoot CS company.. I know fleer is HORRIBLE


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    yeah i do live about 20 minutes away. when i emailed them i asked if i would receive the stuff earlier since i lived so close, they said the only difference would be in shipping so it was like two or three days early. so i think it's still impressive that i got it in 3 weeks when people haven't gotten stuff from ud and fleer that they sent in in August.

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