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    Exclamation Need to get Rid of these 03/04 ROOKIES!!!!!!TONS OF G/U & AUTOS!!!!!!

    I would love to trade/sell as a whole lot.....But nobody likes to do that around here for some reason ............But LMK what you like off here and ill get back to you!

    GU/AUTO RCs:

    03/04 Pristine "GOLD REFRACTOR RC #/99" Darko Milicic
    03/04 Hoops Hot Prospects "Hot Materials" Chris Bosh RC JERSEY #170/500
    03/04 Hoops "Hot Tandems" Chris Bosh/Chris Kaman DUAL RC JERSEY #017/100!!!!!
    03/04 SPx "RC AUTO/JERSEY" Troy Bell #1712/1999
    03/04 Showcase "Sweet Sigs" Mickael Pietrus RC Auto #772/800
    03/04 Showcase "Sweet Sigs" Dahntay Jones RC Auto #029/800
    03/04 Bowman Signature "SILVER" Chris Kaman RC #220/249
    03/04 UD Glass "Rookie Premier Jersey" David West RC Jersey

    03/04 Upper Deck Top Prospects "Signs Of Success" RC AUTOGRAPHS!!!!
    -Mickael Pietrus Auto
    -Marcus Hatten Auto
    -Slavko Vranes Auto
    -Anderson Varejao Auto
    -Quintin Ross Auto (x2)
    -Ruben Douglas Auto
    -David West Auto
    -Jerome Beasley Auto
    -Matt Carrol RC Auto (x2)
    -Steve Blake RC Auto
    -Rick Rickert RC Auto (x2)
    -Zarko Cabarkapa RC Auto
    -Jeff Newton RC Auto
    -Travis Hansen RC Auto

    BASE RCs:

    03/04 Victory Carmelo Anthony
    03/04 Victory Aleksandar Pavlovic
    03/04 Victory Josh Howard
    01/02 Topps Primoz Brezec
    02/03 Fleer Tradition Marko Jaric
    02/03 UD Inspirations Maciej Lampe RC #0085/2999
    02/03 UD Shane Battier RC
    02/03 Fleer Box Score "Marcus Haislip RC #0778/1999
    03/04 Bowman "GOLD" Darko Milicic
    03/04 Bowman "GOLD" Nick Collison
    03/04 Bowman "GOLD" Steve Blake
    03/04 Bowman "GOLD" Kendrick Perkins
    03/04 Bowman "CHROME" Kendrick Perkins
    03/04 Bowman "CHROME" Malick Badiane
    03/04 Bowman "CHROME" Zaur Pachulia
    03/04 Bowman "CHROME" Brian Cook
    03/04 Bowman "CHROME" Carlos Delfino (x2)
    03/04 Bowman Travis Hansen
    03/04 Bowman Jerome Beasley
    03/04 Bowman Kyle Korver (x2)
    03/04 Bowman Dahntay Jones
    03/04 Bowman David West
    03/04 Bowman Slavko Vranes
    03/04 Bowman Mickael Pietrus
    03/04 Bowman Troy Bell
    03/04 Bowman Sofoklis Schortsanitis
    03/04 Bowman Mario Austin
    03/04 Bowman Josh Howard
    03/04 Topps Darko Milicic REDEMPTION
    03/04 Topps Kirk Hinrich (x2)
    03/04 Topps Nick Collison
    03/04 Topps Marcus Banks
    03/04 MVP Josh Howard
    03/04 Authentix Kirk Hinrich RC #0083/1250
    03/04 Fleer Tradition "Throwback Threads(NON GU) Nick Collison
    03/04 Upper Deck Nick Collison
    03/04 UD Sweet Shot Mike Sweetney RC #527/999
    03/04 UD Ovation Mike Sweetney RC

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    i pulled these nowitzkis
    Nowitzki, Dirk 98-99 Topps RC -$4
    Nowitzki, Dirk 98-99 Stadium Club S2 -$4
    Nowitzki, Dirk 01-02 SP Authentic Specials /1999 -$7.50
    Nowitzki, Dirk 02-03 Fleer Premium Skylines /2500 -$4

    if you need them id be interested in autos or #ed

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    I only do auto for auto/gu or g/u for g/u.............I can dig up some base/inserts for those inserts if your still interested.....

    BTW I dont need the dirk topps I already have 5!!!

    Thanks for the reply though!,

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    as i said, i could use #ed stuff too...if you have a list, ill take a look

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    I can try to get you a list tomorrow, I have a ton of stuff to do right now and I have to work at 6 tomorrow so I can be up all night looking though cards.......So If I dont get back to you by tomorrow night this time, PM me and ill get you a list then...


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    i can use this
    03/04 Authentix Kirk Hinrich RC #0083/1250

    u need hhp and spx of dirk of this year

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    Rapman2004: As a whole lot, Its *well* over $500 BV, the Signs of Success autos book at over $150 alone!

    You make an offer on the lot, not a stupid offer either, this lot contains tons of autos and g/u and nice rookies as well......

    13ulls4us: Not looking to give up the hinrich for base cards sorry.

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