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    Cool Card Show Bound this Saturday. Anything anyone Need?

    I am heading to Indy this weekend to check out the card show.
    Is there anything anyone is looking for? I will see what I can do. I would be looking for current Pittsburgh Pirates in return or 1999 Topps Sammy Sosa and Marlk McGwire Home Run Parade cards in return and 2002 Topps Barry Bonds Race to 70 Home Run cards.
    Be easy on me and not list high dollar cards.:D

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    I'll get you the list of 2002 Topps Traded SP's that I need as well as my havelists of Dontrelle, Cabrera and Pierre so you know what I DONT need of them.


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    2003 donruss all-stars

    sammy sosa and ichiro

    lmk if u find em

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    any 2002 Fleer Tradition Prospect cards... I need torres, soriano, and adrian hernandez. thanks!


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    sjncomic - I Might have the torres and hernandez, I will check for you now.

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    hey thanks! I can use them to get signed here in the next 2 weeks for ST!

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    LMK if you happen to come across cards of any of these Colts. Since you'll be in Indy,
    Donald Strickland
    Aaron Moorehead
    Mike Vanderjagt
    If you find any Cards of them I will trade in your favor. Thanks!

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