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Thread: bored and looking to trade

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    bored and looking to trade

    looking for yankees and arods, nomars, and pedros alos would want gus/autos of these guys

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    whats the bv on the Albert Pujols # DL-AP JSY? im interested.


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    Upper Deck Honor Roll Deanís List
    Albert Pujols # DL-AP (red mesh) bv 20

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    hey i have a 97' fleer thunder dial "1" nomar bv 50 lmk if your interested

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    Hey joel, that Pujols isn't even yours yet ! That's still my card until I get that 1958 Mantle & see what kind of condition it's in. I really don't think you should have the cards that are pending in our trade listed on your web site as "yours".

    ****Edit ****

    Just so everyone knows, these are the cards listed that are still mine until the Mantle arrives & I am able to deteremine a condition grade on it .......

    Barry Bonds BASE(Topps)
    Nomar Garciaparra # CM-NG JSY(gray)
    Sammy Sosa # 29 JSY (white with blue stripe) #d 15/250
    Pedro Martinez # POG-74 JSY(white)
    Sammy Sosa (base)
    Jim Thome # LL-21 (Bat) #d 317/400
    Manny Ramirez Bat # TR-MR
    Greg Maddux # CM-GM JSY (white)
    Hideo Nomo # CM-HM JSY(white)
    Jim Thome JSY# CM-JT JSY(white with red stripe)
    Barry Zito JSY# LL-10 JSY(white) #d 5/250
    Luis Castillo JSY # TR-LC JSY(white with teal stripe)
    Manny Ramirez Bat # TR-MR
    Tony Gwynn # TR-TG JSY(white)
    Albert Pujols # DL-AP JSY(red mesh)
    Ivan Rodriguez # GG-IR JSY(white)

    1999 just autographs Rafael Furcal
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