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    HUGE bkb\fb lot f\t @20% or f\s @ 10% of bv

    Looking for one nice $25-35 g\u, auto or rc of the whole lot or will sell for $12 pay pal only (Add $1.00 if paying via credit card). a total of over 80 cards Its gonna cost me half that just to ship lol. Total bv has to be WELL over $150 for this lot
    03-04 Bazooka
    Gold Parallell
    Darko Milicic # 275
    Travis Outlaw #272
    Zaza Pachula #247
    Jason Kapono #236
    Luke Walton
    Dwayne Wade #252
    Kieth McLeod #241
    Jason Kapono #236

    03 HHP Cream of the crop
    Darko Millicic

    03-04 Hoops hhp
    Sweet Selections
    Ray Allen\J Rich
    Shaq, Kobe, Duncan, Garnett, Yao, Marbury, Kidd, J Oneal, Jamison, Finley, Malone, J Rich, Parker, Gasol, Wagoner, Nene

    03 Leaf R & S Jeff Garcia Great American Heros #d 1172/1325 bv $3
    03 Skybox LE David Carr Sky's the limit #18 of 20 SL
    03 Skybox LE Brian Urlacher League Leaders # 5 of 10LL
    03 Fleer HP
    Emmitt Smith, Peyton Manning, Randy Moss, Priest Holmes, Faulk, Duece McAllister, E James, J Harrington, T Owens, E George, C Dillon, M Brunnell
    Jeff Garcia Great American Heros Jeff Garcia1172/1325
    03 Leaf R & S
    Roy Williams, Tom Brady, Jerry Rice, Priest Holmes, Ahman Green, Chad Pennington, D McAllister, K Warner, Ray Lewis, T Owens, J Peppers, J Kearse, C Martin, S Alexander, R Gannon, W Sapp, T Green, M Brunell
    03 Skybox LE base
    McNabb x2, J Rice x2, J Harington x2, A Green x2, M Bulger x2, Pennington, Bryant, Q Carter x2, T Gonzalez x2, F Taylor, Lewis x2, Chad Johnson
    plmk & thanks,

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    I'll throw this in as well
    03 Leaf R & S Brett Favre Slideshow #d /1500 bv $8

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