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Thread: Tradelist-many cards for trade

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    Tradelist-many cards for trade

    I have updated my tradelist with more cards. The first half of my tradepage is what is available. LMK what you need.

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    i like a bunch of the RCs...especially pujols and bullington...check my site and lemme know if ya need anything!


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    Hi JB
    I like your 94 Flair Alex Rodriguez RC. LMK if you would trade that card.

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    im gonna pass, cause i think that i am going toi get that graded...thanks for the quick response


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    I am interested in these:

    03 Topps Pristine Rich Harden AU $25
    01 UD Albert Pujols RC $25
    87 Leaf Barry Bonds RC $20
    87 Donruss Barry Bonds RC $15
    01 UD Wilson Betemit RC
    01 Topps Traded Wilson Betemit RC
    99 Topps Traded Sean Burroughs RC

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    Hi AC- I like some of your high end autos(Prior, Pujols, Bonds, ARod) What are there book values? I may be way out of range, but I am willing to add cash to any deal.

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    hey i could use your josh willingham rc's lmk, also my trade post is here in this forum.

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    Hi JS- I like your 03 Bowman Heritage Kevin Youkilis AUTO. I will look up the bv and make you an offer.

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    Mattingly - Most of my PC Autos aren't FT (except for other high end autos I like), and I'm not looking to sell them at this time. Anything else?

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