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    ATTN Jakeklock, Mistyenforcer, Dweightfan

    hey everyone. I'm making a post office run tomorrow afternoon and we had some pending trades. Please check your pms and let me know the status of our trades. If we're going to make them, I'd like to try and get your cards out tomorrow. Thanks!

    Ryan (goalpucks)

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    got sum bad news my son got into my cards and my SP Authentics Sundin was destroyed (he washed it ).....Misty

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    damn..that's a bummer! Maybe next time! Thanks for getting back to me.


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    I do apologize, but refresh my memory on what our trade was.

    4035 Different Detroit Lions
    7713 Different Detroit Tigers (Through K)
    Master Ultra Checklist (5777/9338 = 61.87 %)
    Steve Breaston (144/566 = 25.44%)
    WTTF: ALL Detroit Lions, Detroit Tigers, and Josh Koscheck cards Hidden Content

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    Dweightfan - It was:

    I get:

    00-01 Topps Stars Progression Smith/Brodeur/Turco #P5
    Nash Artistic Impressions RC
    Hemsky Artistic Impressions RC

    U get:

    Weight Vanguard Blue #'d/89 (I have two of these if you want them both since it's a low serial number)
    Weight Vanguard Quebec Tournament Heroes

    plus I had other lightning cards I could get for you in this deal. lmk.

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