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Thread: New Trade List

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    New Trade List

    Just to let you know that my new trade list is finished


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    Im interested in the Frolov crown royale purple rookie and the Marty Turco gold autograph. What would you take for those? What are the books on them?

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    what do you want for this card?
    02/03 Upper Deck Mike Modano Reaching 50 Jersey 50-MM BV $20.00

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    interested in this

    02/03 Honor Roll Freshman class Craig Andersson #114

    What are you looking for in trade?

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    I can use the SPA Koltsov.
    Also interested in the Foundations Ahonen.

    Have a wantlist??

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    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you guys

    Goalpucks The Frolov books between $17-$20 and the books on signature cards are not out yet.
    Looking for GU and Auto's

    Mundaym23 for the modano something of equal value

    J.E Lew a rookie of the same value.

    Devsfan Dont know really what i want for the two but GU and Auto's


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    if im able to, i would give you a 01-02 ud mvp jagr jersey card worth $40 for both koltsov's (the spa and spx)

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