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Thread: New Member! New Site! Trade!

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    New Member! New Site! Trade!

    i am new new member visit my site and tell me what u want.
    my card website!

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    Didn't see any on your site but do you have any cards of Jesse Foppert? Even commons I'd trade for.

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    bonds- no jesse foppert sorry
    hehateme: only like the rickie weeks jersey but that is a $30-$20 trade in your favor. do u have any ichiro or pujols cards?

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    pujolsfam- I am interested in the Jeter RC's. This is a link to a post with my tradelist
    Always looking for Graded Vintage (Pre-1980)

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    have any Brett Myers, Chase Utley, Joe Mauer or Mark Teixeira?

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    jfires: i am interested in the bowman and mvp ichiro's make me an offer

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