15. Must Send First Rule. Any trader with less than 20 positive feedback will be required to to send first regardless of buying, selling or trading, unless a team manager or assistant team manager is willing to vouch for the trader under 20 feedbacks. The staff member that does vouch for a trader under 20 feedback is willing to back the trade if something goes wrong, with that in mind it would be of benefit to everybody to purchase INS on the package or DC at the bare minimal if a staff member is vouching for you.

A trader assigned a must send first tag/badge on the forums is a trader who has been found to have multiple trading issues here on SCF or another website. Regardless of the type of transaction (buy, trade or sell), this trader must send first at all times. With this badge on it also means that a new member does not send first to a trader with a must send first tag/badge on the forums.

If both trading parties are under the 20 feedback mark, the transaction will be sent at the same time. No feedback count is better then the other when both are under 20 feedbacks on SCF. Although getting to 20 feedbacks is a lot, it is here as a protection measurement and not as punishment for signing up.
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If 20+ feedbacks has been transferred from another confirmed site, then the member does not have to send first and the MSF message which appears under their name in the trade manager can be ignored. This does NOT apply to a trader with the must send first tag/badge.