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Thread: I want ur calico cards

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    I want ur calico cards

    give me a list of calico cards u have. Good rc's, gu'd, and auto..etc.

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    03 topps chrome
    03 sp authentic threads mcnair/calico dual gu

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    oh, what do you want!? j/k what do u want for them? have you sent out those base cards?

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    Playoff Honors RC #JT-7 Jersey Tandems Chris Brown/Tyrone Calico

    other cards I like:
    Fleer Hot Prospects #85 Julius Peppers #ed 0823/1000
    Fleer Authentix Ticket Studs #TS-TB Tom Brady

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    no russ, i havent sent those base cards out yet because i was waiting for that lelie auto. I figured why waste post office money when im expecting a card im trading to you anyway. Know what I mean? Anyway...I will take a look at your site sometime today after I get off work, just giving this thread a bump for the time being. Later bro.

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    yeah i guess your right. alright just lmk what u find or if theres anything at all. lol

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    i was under my friends username im looking for 02 or 03 rookie quaterbacks

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