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    Thumbs up Pr0phet, C'mon in.. Ne one else with portis stuff also

    Hi, i would liek to trade for that portis skybox. who else are you loking for besides the favre bgs 9 because i don't have it graded.

    any one else have portis au's or higher end stuff for trade, I am all ears.

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    check out the link man.... Somehow its not that high with only a 99.99 bid on it at this point n time.... I cant promise anything with the urlacher from this same set as a 1/1 going for like 338 but who knows.. Maybe youll get lucky ;) I need to get some cash back on this card for sure though


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    Pr0phet, i am not even gonna click on it, i have no cash.

    I got in an accident moday and can only trade, so NM about it all then.

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    sorry to hear david.. glad to see your ok((or from what i can tell)) at least


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    hey i have a 2002 Atomic rookie of Portis #ed to 600 (non die cut) worth 18 will sell for 8 dlvd...lmk

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    I've got a Portis 02 Leaf Certified mirror red ball. BV is $60.

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    golfpro- sorry for moving in on trade thread im just interested in the cards u dont get.

    brunell-I still want that card bad
    cardkid-also interested

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