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Thread: Want gu/autos, 4 gu and autos

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    Want gu/autos, 4 gu and autos

    Hello, my son is now collecting and would like some gu/autos. He has been collecting some but would like more.
    We have a web page with all our gu on it:
    Please check it out and let us know.

    Thanks Ray Reeder

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    I need these:
    00-01 Hoops Hot Prospects Jersey Donnell Harvey #0773/1000
    00-01 Hoops Hot Prospects Jersey Jason Collier #0838/1000

    I have an auto or two /200 that your son my like (basketball). Let me know if he'd like one and I'll post players and brands.

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    How about a 2000 SAGE Hidayet Turkoglu auto /200 for both of those GU? Or, if not a Desmond Mason /200 auto. LMK


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    What brand is the Mason? The SAGE is just a tough brand to trade. LKM, Thanks Ray

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    The Mason is SAGE, as well. I have almost all autos from the set, and would love to trade for those two jerseys. Please let me know.


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    Hey I like your 02-03 Upper Deck All-Star authentics GU Shorts Dirk Nowitzki and 02-03 Upper Deck UD Game Jersey Patch Number Jason Kidd. What do you want for either of them. Check out my site please. Thanks

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