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    gu to trade for card supplies....

    im willing to trade a michael jordan gu bat card bv $25 for some card supplies i need if anyone is interested LMK thanks. also all supplies must be new not used. if your interested ill let ya know what i need thanks.

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    I have TONS of supplies. but what exactly are you looking for? lmk


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    i need a pack or 2 of team bags a pack of toploaders and a couple 1 screw screwdowns or varying thickness.

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    joel-id like to see wahts the best offeri can get in supplies is ill let ya know ASAP though.

    also if anyone wants to contact me through AIM or YIM it might be easier to work somethoing out.

    AIM browneyepete
    YIM big_rich_dawg

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    anyone who is interested please list what supplies you would give for the MJ thanks.

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