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    80's & 90's Browns cards for trade

    Have lots of Browns cards from 80's & 90's. Will trade for Browns pre-80 or vintage football, also 04 baseball stars, 04 Cavs LeBron James & Carlos Boozer.
    Thank you

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    you don't have any Lee Suggs or Andre Davis cards you want to get rid of do you??

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    Sorry, don't have any Suggs and no doubles of Andre Davis.

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    I need Ozzie Newsomes and Antonio Langhams I could trade you Browns cards for these guys lmk what you have.

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    Thanks for the reply,
    Here's a quick list of Ozzie's, I know I have some newer ones but I'd have to look for them along with the Langham's.
    81 T, 82 T, 84 T, 85 T, 86 T, 87 T, 89 T, 89 Pro Set, 90 T, 90 S

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