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    Thumbs up Free Cards!! You just pay S/h with CC!!


    I 'm getting rid of some of my common base cards in Team Lots,
    most our common players, but in some of the lots there are some stars..
    There will be a min. of 30 cards to 50 max. with a few duplicates, and mailed with protection and in a bubble envolope...

    I'm not gonna list all the cards i have, all cards are nm/m.

    Shipping is 100cc

    Packers-w/Favre is gone, Sorry prophet you bought the last... lol


  2. Kronozio
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    shucks, i was hoping you came up with some more for me :)


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    hey llcooljoe 100 cc equals one dollar in value.. so its a great deal... if i was a hardcore bills collector i would get some.. but im just a henry/mcgahee fan... UNLESS are ne of hte bills oj simpson??


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    llcooljoe, You want to buy 100 CC from me for $10? I'd be happy to if you'd like..

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    Ill give llcooljoe 200cc for $10 Hows that for a deal?
    This is an incredibly good deal though 50 cards of your team 100cc it costs me more than that to ship my lots.

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    Sorry i havent posted until now, but my wife just had a baby, and i've been at the hospital.. but i'm back now..

    llcooljoe- I dont know where you come up with stuff, but 100cc equals $1.00

    pr0phet- give me your addy again, i got some stuff for you..

    Yanksguy- let me check and i'll get right back to you...

    Thanks everyone for your replies...

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