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    Defensive rookies for sale 1/4 book

    or 1/5 book cc

    Ed Reed 2002 Box Score
    2002 Bowman

    Roy Williams 2002 Adrenaline
    2002 Gallery
    2002 Box Score
    2002 Fleer w/ Quentin Jammer
    2002 Pacific

    Terrence Newman 2003 Score
    2003 Pristine uncirculated refractor 5/1499

    Simeon Rice 1996 TSC sp SOLD
    1996 Topps SOLD

    lmk if your looking for 00, 01, 02, 03 rookies

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    hey man i might need that 02 box score reed rc. hey i sent out your milons/mcaddleys/alexanders either yesterday or the day before. just to let ya know

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    I'll take both of the Simeon Rice cards, LMK how much you want in Paypal.

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    Book value on the Simeons is $2 thats about the least I could take to ship them lmk if you see anything else you want and I could ship them together.

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    I think you mean Roy Williams if so it would be bv on the 3 is $15 so 300cc dlvd

    BTW I found a Rod Smart card, I think it was 02 Pacific if you want it you can have it for a sase.

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