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    Baseball card Lot CC auction plus bonus gu/auto

    I dont really collect Baseball cards but I picked up a few packs last year when my WalMart was out of Football cards just to have something to open. I really dont care anything about Baseball so here it goes.

    Auction starts at 200 cc {mainly to cover shipping}
    bid increments are 25cc
    Bidding ends wednessday at midnight cards will ship Thursday.

    I dont know anything about values as I dont have a Baseball Beckett and dont feel like looking all these up, but heres a list of some of the names I notice.

    Ken Griffey Jr.x2, Alex Rodriquez x2, Ichiro Suzuki, Ruben Sierra, Nomar Garciaparra, Adam Dunn, Ivan Rodriquez, Kirby Puckett,
    Mark McGwire x2, Robin Ventura, Jim Thome, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemons, Cal Ripken Jr., Juan Gonzalez x2, Nolan Ryan, Babe Ruth.
    and lots of rookies.

    If bidding gets to 500 I will throw in your choice of 1 game used or auto card from my collection, If bidding gets to 750 I will throw in both a game used and an auto.

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    could you possibly list some of the sets in this lot?

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    Fleer Ultra, Topps, Upper Deck, Pacific, Ovation, Leaf, Invincible and Victory.

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    Just a helpful should list exactly what these cards are. I think most people are like me & would really like to know what they are bidding on. That's probably why you don't have any bids yet even though you are offering good players.

    Just a thought.

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    Well actually for 200cc its not worth my time to list 100+ cards in the hopes that someone will want them. This is a nice lot I figured Id offer to someone on the board, if nobody is interested I will jus give them to neighborhood kids.

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