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    Looking to Buy Inserts and RC's

    I am looking to buy commons and inserts. I would like to purchase the inserts for $0.12 and the Rookies for $0.10. I would also like commons which I would purchase for $0.01 or $0.02 cents. So if you are looking to get rid of these cards. Reply to this post.

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    please place all buy/sell/trade threads in the TRADING FORUM

    moving it to there

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    I have a ton of Mashburn Rc's that I would sell. Would you be interested in those? I should have over 70 of them. I also have some other rc's and inserts I could add in. THanks and pLMK

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    Any rookies or inserts? I will sell you a 100 count lot for $10 delivered random mix no duplicates favores the insert side with maybe 40 rookies and 60 inserts.

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    minew_m - Yes I am interested in those.
    mfweiland - that 100 count box sounds good.
    Just wanted to confirm that I am talking in CDN dollars.
    LMK, if that is ok.

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    I too can do 40 rookies and 60 inserts for $10. Can you tell me what that equals out to in Canadian money? Pm me and I'll put it together for you. Thanks.

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    I mean $10 CDN ....... I only need about 100 .... so whoever can give me the 100 for $10 CDN, I will go with....... That would be $8 USD............... LMK, Niko

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    I could do this lot for $10 CDN. PLMK

    *2001 Sage Andre Hutson RC BV=$0.60
    *2000/01 UD Reserve Donell Harvey SP RC BV=$1.00
    *2000/01 UD Reserve Jerome Moiso SP RC BV=$1.00
    *1999/00 Skybox Premium Quincy Lewis RC BV=$0.30
    *1998/99 Black Diamond RC Robert Traylor BV=$1.25
    *1998/99 Upper Deck Kelvin Cato RD1 BV=$0.75
    *1998/99 Upper Deck Danny Fortson RD1 BV=$0.75
    *1997/98 Fleer RC Ron Mercer BV=$0.60
    *1994/95 SP Premier Prospects Foil RC Aaron Mckie BV=$1.50
    *1993/94 Fleer Jamal Mashburn RC BV=$0.60 (x16)
    *1993/94 Hoops Jamal Mashburn RC BV=$0.60 (x15)
    *1993/94 Hoops Jamal Mashburn RC GOLD BV=$1.25
    *1993/94 Skybox Premium Mashburn/Jones RC BV=$0.30 (x35)
    *1993/94 Skybox Premium Jamal Mashburn RC BV=$0.75 (x7)
    *1993/94 Topps Jamal Mashburn RC BV=$0.60
    *1993/94 Topps Stadium Club Jamal Mashburn RC BV=$1.00 (x16)
    *1993/94 Ultra Jamal Mashburn RC BV=$0.75 (x2)
    *1993/94 Upper Deck Jamal Mashburn RC BV=$0.75
    *1993/94 Upper Deck SE #167 Jamal Mashburn RC BV=$0.75 (x9)
    *1993/94 Upper Deck SE Jamal Mashburn RC BV=$0.30 (x5)

    Those total to 117. PLMK

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    Minew......I am looking more for inserts...
    mfweiland, I am also looking for Sens commons... do you have any of those??

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