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Thread: Al MacInnis

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    check my sig, I have a GU 2 color blues in there

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    I like the Tundra Trios, but I'm more of a trader than a buyer...what's the bv? I'll go a little better than book if you're up for a trade

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    If they're ft, I'd also like the 06/07 Trilogy Scripts, 08-09 Masterpeices auto & the 96 BAP auto...I'll trade up for a bigger card for these if you're interested, lmk!


    ...Trying to make my first trade on here, it's proving to be difficult :-)

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    03-04 BAP Memorabilia All-Star Jersey of MacInnis here, PM me if interested.

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    Check my bucket Alpinemedic, I would love to trade you something for the Cup Gold MacInnis!

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    Check my List, in the sig!
    if not, free bump!

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    VanekSnipes, I'm interested in the 2002 UD MacInnis game used, do you have a picture?
    Check my bucket, I have a few trades on the go (so a few cards are pending) but let me know if you see anything!


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