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    got a box of 2004 Donruss, MOJO!!

    In the VERY FIRST PACK, I pulled a 1986 Donruss Recollection Collection Alvin Davis Auto #ed 6/11, and a 2002 Donruss The Rookies Erick Almonte RC Auto #ed 5/10 all in the first pack one after another! But there was nowhere to go but downhill after that hot pack, I got a Bobby Abreu Timber and Threads Bat Card. Got a bunch of checklists, inserts and DK's. The Autos are for trade, looking for teh right deal, along with the Abreu!

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    lol, bad move. you should have sold the rest after the 1st pack. congrats on the hot pack though.....wish i had that kind of luck.

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    You know what, I said the EXACT same thing lol.

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    hey man, i don'tt blame you 1 bit for opening the other packs...i can't resist looking at unopened boxes/packs without ripping them open in a heartbeat....although i've never had a hot pack, lol.

    i think tthat erick almonte auto rc is the gem. nice, very nice.

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    Yeah, I meant to put a scan on of them but i dont know how to after i already made a post.

    AC - Yes its Erick and not danny!

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    Got a box of 2004 Donruss, MOJO with scans!!!!

    Look at the scan on the second page........the one on the first page dosent work, Thanks!
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    AC, check my other thread, i posted a scan.

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