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    SCF Rule XI - Deals with Copyright infringement

    XI Copyright Infringement:
    Copyright infringement is illegal. SCF will enforce the law. Never post an article in its entirety. When posting copyrighted material, please use small sections or link to the article. When posting copyrighted material please give credit to the author in your post.

    Solicitations for copyrighted materials of any form will not be permitted. Advertisement of locations where copyrighted materials may be obtained will not be permitted. This rule includes asking or giving prices from Beckett (or similar) information that is not provided for free online. You may request “book value” however, do not mention where it came from unless it came from a publicly available free source.

    Members are not allowed to ask or offer to buy, sell or trade any illegal copies of anything. (Movies, music, games, etc.) If you are caught or reported you face being banned here. This is a one strike you’re out offense. We do not condone ripping off people. Do not risk your account here for something as stupid as this. Remember, IT IS CONSIDERED STEALING! This includes selling a MP3 player preloaded with music.

    Also, if you are caught modifying or selling modified cards, including modified patch cards, and claiming they were distributed in that way, then that will result in an immediate ban from the site.
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