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    just did something i shouldnt have

    i prefer paypal but anything will do thanks

    i just bought something online and i need the money to pay for it lol.... well these are for sale CHEAP

    lot 1
    GONE 6.00

    lot 2
    Rene Reyes UD Ballpark Idols RC 1045/1750 5.00
    Rene Reyes UD Ballpark Idols RC 1046/1750 5.00
    Jason Lane Fleer Boxscore RC bv 5.00
    jason Lane Studio Spirit of the Game RC bv 2.50
    price 4.00 (bv 17.50)\

    lot three
    GONE 9.00

    lot 4
    03 Donruss (DLP)
    Hideki Matsui
    Jose Contreras
    Bo Hart
    Jae Weong Seo
    Prentice Redman
    price 2.00 bv??

    lot 5
    02 topps
    52 reprints
    andy pafko
    johnny mize
    Billy Martin
    Duke Snider
    East Meets West
    Hobby Masters
    Roger Clemans
    sell 6.00 bv (24.00)

    more lots to come
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    I'll take lot 3---PM your paypal addy---"Nail"

    EDIT: $ has been sent via Paypal---- Thanks, "Nail"
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