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    2001 Sp Authentic Chris Chambers 2color patch... somebody has it but i cant remeber

    somebody has the 2001 Sp Authntic Chris Chambers Rc Patch in there pc on there website.... i am not quite sure who it was the moron i am.... i really need to no who has this card i am willing to trade for it or buy it please lmk and if anyubody else ahs one please lmk thanx

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    I have a question. Do you all of a sudden have a problem with me because im trading the Johnsons to somebody else. I didnt go through with the trade becuase your offering the card I wanted up for sale. I wasnt going to bother and try and take a good picture when the card may of been sold the next day. I know your making direct reference to me and I would prefer that you please stop

    BTW I have that chambers card and i will not trade or sell((you need about 70 or so online to pick up a nice one from what i have seen... ))


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    im sry i dotn ahve a problem at all i was jsut putting the card out there to see what offers i got i have no problem with you what so ever prophet... im not quite sure wat you mean by i made a direct refrence to you.... i really didnt remeber who ahd that card.... i am extremely sry if in any way i somehow made you upset or mad...i am extremely sorry in no way did i try to offend you or anything i was jsut putting the vick up for slae to see what offers i could get im srry if that offened you to...


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    my bad... It was morning and yeah just listening to 2 hours of referencing didnt help. I will admit that i was a bit upset that the card I wanted was up for sale but thats your call not mine. Very sorry to come out a little to aggitated on the matter.

    Have a good one

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    no problem and i was just looking for offers on it when somebody told me it sold for 65 online thats all

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    Yeah, ive kept a very close eye on them and it just sounded like my card way to much in which i jumped to conclusion... The guy i traded for mine online picked up a 4 clr one for 70+ and a lot of other ones are right around that range


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