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    Box of upper deck mlb cards,, for trade!

    I am new to this forum..I thought I would try here, cause I have brand new box of upper deck 2003 mlb series 2 baseball cards, 24 sealed packs...I am loking to trade..
    I collect mcfarlane sports picks, so if anybody is interested let me know...

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    looking for football...Basketball
    70th davis..
    Blue manning
    red vick
    white Owens
    panters davis..
    and any other offers, looking to trade entire box for one fig....LMK

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    is there anything you would take beside mcfarlanes? i would like to get another box to open but have never collected those things

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    check out my site... i have quite a few gu and some lower end autos for trade plus a lot of inserts etc.... how much in bv are you looking for and who do you collect player/team etc

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    what are you looking for? i am sure i could find something.... i have some older PS2 games or some PS 1..... lmk what else i could find for ya

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    not really looking for games, I work at gamestop so I have all the gamesI need, really looking for sports picks!

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