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    1st Time Posting Tradepage: Autos/GU/Numbered - trading for cubs

    just added almost forty new autos/GU from 03
    more on the way, Im looking for Chicago Cubs autos, mirrors, legacies, refractors, GU, limited print stuff 150 or less, lmk if you like anything on my tradepage


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    sorry for posting in wrong area everyone...can ya tell it was my first post

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    I'll move this to the trading forum for you.

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    I reposted there all ready if you wanna to delete it that would probably be better, but its up to you
    thanks for the help

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    I like 03 Bowman Heritage Signs of Greatness Autograph #SG-RH Rich Harden

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    what do you have in cubs I wouldnt mind a cub auto in return for it

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    ive got a mark prior jumbo patch from flair. book is $60, but it sells pretty well

    im curious what the BV is on the schmidt, and it it'd be in range for a trade


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    Welcome to the site!! You have a lot of nice cards!!

    I like these (in order of my preference):
    2003 Bowman Heritage Matt Murton AUTO
    2003 Donruss Elite Edwin Jackson AUTO
    2003 Studio Delmon Young RC #/1500
    2003 Bowman Chrome Refractor Lou Palmisano RC
    1998 Bowman Chrome Refractor Mike Lowell RC
    1999 Topps Gold Label Class 3 Alfonso Soriano RC

    Check out my tradelist and I will get you a list of Cubs. Please let me know what we can work out. Thanks for your time.


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    load.. i like the mo vaughn bowman chrome gold refractor.. please check site

    My wantlist:

    Mickey Mantle - serial numbered (no topps milestones)

    Jimmie Johnson - anything I don't have

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    took a look I didnt see much in the way of cub stuff, sorry..
    thanks for trying though.

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