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Thread: Anyone want to buy?

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    Anyone want to buy?

    I have some star rcs and autos. The bdp autos are not for sale.I may trade for lebron and carmello and bdp autos but thats about all. Let me know what card you like and i will tell you a price.

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    ok, i want to make this clear, the weeks is only for trade for other autos from the set. I paid $40 for the card, i know it is a lot but i really wanted it. I am sending the redemption out tommorow.

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    ok, I understand BUT if I traded in your favor a lot so then you could get some cards from that set would u?

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    Your site says 'have other low end too.'
    Do you have any of the players listed on my wantlist?

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    hey man i like these
    2002 leaf rookies and stars ron johnson
    2001 donruss classics hashmarks jamal lewis

    i have a couple jets gu/autos, some pennington rc's, and a charles rogers rc. lmk thanks i will also buy if price is right

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    I could sell $12 +3 for bubble mailer, insurance and shipping weight,

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