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    I Remember When {Nostalgic} Very long

    Im kinda young its amazing how the hobby has changed in the last 20 years, Im sure there are older folks around here that remember alot Farther back than I, like my dad said he got grounded for a month in 1960 for buying 20 packs for a buck.
    Im bored so I did this to amuse myself, lmk what you think.

    I started collecting cards in 1986 with a beautiful hashmark themed Topps Football product. I remember pulling Jerry Rice and thinking 'who?' A 35 card cello pack cost $.60!

    I remember 1987 topps Baseball set beatiful wooden borders and 15 cards and a stick of gum for $.35!!! I used to get $.35 cents a day for dessert in elementary school but I never remember getting dessert, I always ran to the 7-11 and bought a pack of topps everyday. Back then game used was a well rounded card that had been 'Flipped' several times or it was part of a Classic Trivia Set. My very first Jose Canseco card from 87 topps with the little gold trophy, and I remember my first pack of 87 Fleer the most beautiful cards I had ever seen! When an insert was a All Star card inserted into every Rack Pack and my first wax box set my dad back $10 and included 36 packs of 15 cards.

    I remember the 88 topps football release and trading that 86 Jerry Rice for my very first Bo Jackson football card {what a dummy} Remember the Gregg Jeffries craze? My card local card shop had a sign in the window Buying 88 Dunruss Jeffries $5 cash!

    I remember my first card show in 89 I pulled a Ripken FF card and immediately traded it for $100 worth of cards {doesnt quite take the sting off that Rice/Jackson trade but it helps} I remember thinking nobody would pay $1.99 for a pack of cards and thinking Upper Deck would go bankrupt immediatly.{I was only 10 I didnt know anything obviously} I remember getting 89 Pro Set and seeing Derrick Thomas and Bobby Humphrey in Alabama uniforms and they became my instant fave cards. Remember the Hoops David Robinson craze?

    I remember in 90 on the eve of 89's Ripken Fleer and Murphys UD every manufactuer intentionally made error cards across the board. Dunruss' whole set was an error especially that horrid red border. I recall buying 90 pro set boxes for $5 I musta bought 100 of em.

    By the time UD entered Football in 91 I was ready to pay $1.99 a pack and bought tons of worthless cardboard. I remember hitting the lottery {I mean pulling a Dan Marino wild card 1000 stripe} and my dad said it would pay for my college tuition. This is when I thought ok i was wrong about UD in 89 but NOBODY will pay $4 a pack for Stadium Club!

    In 92 I remember being at a Sams Club store and they only had 2 boxes a 92 UD football box for $28 or a 92 Bowman baseball for $15 I had $30 from my Birthday and my mom told me to get 2 Bowmans or 1 UD now Bowman was known for crappy product and the UD's looked so cool. My Hobby history had been full of mistakes to this point so you guessed it I bought the UD lol. 92 Bowman Baseball turned out to be the biggest thing since sliced bread and UD Football was a joke. I remember buying tons of 92-93 classic basketball and 4 sport during the Shaq craze when they had exclusive rights.

    I remember the torture of waiting for my first redemption to be fulfilled but goodness that 92-93 Shaq UD was beautiful! and all the 93 Football sets were full of Alabama players fresh off a National Title. Again I know I was wrong about UD in 89 and TSC in 91 but NOWAY anyone pays $6 for a 5 card pack of Finest!! By the end of 93 they were $30 a pack lol.

    In 94 I remember first hearing of Press Pass putting race used tires onto Racing cards and thinking Hey that would be cool in Football only not with tires lol! {See I wasnt such a dummy after all!}

    In 95 I turned 16 and got a car all my cardboard money became gas money and that was the end of my Beloved Hobby.

    In 2000 I saw a Sweet Shaun Alexander card and caught the hobby bug once again {I have been flat broke ever since} and I cant help thinking how much my hobby has changed. I long for $.35 packs and only 3 or 4 manufactuers.

    When I was 10 all i wanted was an 85 topps Baseball set an 86 Dunruss Baseball set an 87 Fleer Baseball set and a complete set of 89 Score Football and 89 Pro Set Football that would have been heaven for me, course none of these are too pricey now I may go to ebay and pick em up to satisfy the kid in me. I already bought the 89 Score Football which is the most expensive of the lot.

    I know that was a little long and boring but it was nice to travel down memory lane, I can still smell the gum. Anyone else remember anything I missed?

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    Nice trip down memory lane BamaFan. I can relate but my card experiences began back in 67-68 and only baseball. I never could get into the football cards.

    I remember the best times was huddling with my buddies as we would rip our packs and do the...need it, got it, got it, need it. Then we would fill in those little boxes on the checklists to keep trade of our collection and then deposit our cards in shoeboxes. I found a better type of box though. Remember those blocks of Velveeta cheese? Cards stood up perfectly and kept them so nice and neat.

    We would then trade our doubles and take a couple extra to put in the spokes of our bikes. What a mean sound that would make :) Try to explain that to the kids of today and they look at you like you are daft and if you try to show them, well....good luck trying to put a clothespin on the forks of todays bikes. HA!

    Well..I could definately write a lot more on this but suffice it to say, I still love collecting cards. It is very true that the hobby has seen many changes but I hope that the card companies don't forget about the kids and keep some affordable for them as the kids are the foundation of this hobby.


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    Velveeta cheese boxes wow I never thought of that, seems perfect though. Yeah in my day we didnt use cards for our bike rides we had aluminum cans to stick back there lol, now my son has a bike with a button that makes engine sounds.

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    My mom was the one to suggest the cheese boxes. The cards stood up perfectly and you could ude the tops to cover them. I still remember throwing them out in 75. My room was getting to be to full and I see them and thought "what am I gonna do with these" so I pitched them. There was no such thing as price guides and value never crossed my mind. Did the same thing with my cmic book collection. Had over 200 comics including an original Fantastic Four and Spiderman. After reading them over and over I ended up just tossing them as well. Oh well......who knew :)


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    Who Knew? Almost nobody lol Beckett didnt come around untill 84, but my dad actually saved everything from the late 50's early 60' he actually bought all the cards from the guys in his school in jr high when everyone started dating and needed money for other things. I guess pops must have been a dork if everyone was selling cards to go on dates and he was buying them lol.
    Thats his story anyway.

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    IT was so easy "Back in the Day" as they say today...;-)
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