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Thread: joe dumars

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    he deserves to be there. he was a great player, his name recognition is just low because he was second to isiah thomas, and then a young grant hill. but, in comparison mchale (bird) and worthey (magic) are both HOFers
    if he doesnt get in this year, he will soon. a lot of the super greats retired around the same time, so theyll have to get in on the first ballot. if he doesnt make it eventually it would be a great injustice

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    people say that he should make it but when i look at his overall stats, his overall average in his whole career was 16.1...isn't that too low to be considered a HOF? most HOF average 20+

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    the last couple of years his scoring was down- it really afftected his average. he is most remembered for having a tremendous outside shot and tenecious defense

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    I do not believe he is a 1st-ballot HOF.

    perhaps on his 5th try or later

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