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    fb & bkb rc lot bv $48 f\t @ 25% or lower

    Looking for a nice $10-15 g\u, rc or auto (fb\bb\bkb) for the whole lot

    Football rcs
    01 UD Chris Redman rc bv $4
    02 Fleer Maximum Daniel Graham rc #d/3500 bv $4
    02 Donruss Daniel Graham bv $3
    01 Topps Steve Smith rc bv $2

    02-03 Topps rcs
    Dunleavy bv $3
    Nene bv $2.50
    Tskitishvili bv $2
    Welsch, Archibald, Borchardt $1.25 ea
    02-03 Topps Chrome
    Efthimios Rentzias bv $5
    02-03 MVP
    Drew Gooden bv $5
    Kareem Rush bv $2
    Topps Ten rcs
    Casey Jacobsen, Frank Williams, Vincent Yarbrough, Bostjan Nachbar, Chris Jeffries bv $2 ea
    PLMK & Thanks,
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    hey have you received my card i havent got yours yet when did you send

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    Not yet. Sorry. I have one other trade that is taking forever as well.
    Sorry for the delay,

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    you have not sent yet that is ridiculous i sent 14 days ago you havent even sent it yet that makes me sick i have two trades waithing on the cards you cannot do this i thought this was going to happen so many other people said you were an awfull trader send me back my card today or there will be reprucations

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    First off, what I ment by not yet is that I have yet to recieve. I sent the cards onnthe day we agreed upon.
    Secondly. A trade thread is hardly the place to bringf this up. You should have pm'ed me. I am an honest trader who sends when he says. I do not appreciater you handling this in this maner. I will report this to a mod due to your lack of respect. As for people calling me an awful trade, please enlighten me with these names. I have bent over backwards with every trader I have dealt with & doubt you have spoken with anyone I have traded with. Just a sidenote. You should never rip a sopmewhat established trader on this board when you yourself have 2 feedback. Please never post on another one of my trade post & NEVER attempt to contact me regarding future trades. You should get your cards any time now. Check the post date to confirm when sent.

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    btw, the trade was completed on 2/2/04 & where shipped a day or two after. Not 14 days.

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