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    Lightbulb Impressed with women's golf cards

    The women's golf cards in the 2003 upper deck series are fairly impressive.
    Women like annika sorenstam and julie inkster have really nice rookie cards and also autographed cards

    They're selling on ebay like hotcakes!!
    Check it out

  2. Kronozio
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    I'd pass on these... they're hot right now because of the hype Annika has created, but as the story fades away, so will demand for these cards.

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    Yeah plus there is big hype on all of the golf cards at the moment since they are somewhat new. Due to that alot of people are buying them in hopes of selling them for alot. After a little bit of time goes by the prices will drop and the people that kept ahold of them will wish they did not. I of course do not wish this to happen and it would be good if I were proven wrong. Lets just wait and see. :)


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    Also, 2003 Upper Deck Golf is hot because of the new redemptions for boxes, Tiger Woods bobbleheads, etc. and that's causing a lot of people to buy boxes in search of more redemptions. Not to mention the great Tiger Woods autos available by redemption.


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