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    Exclamation Dwyane Wade 04 Honor Roll Auto Jersey (best offers only, pic available)

    -2003-2004 Honor Roll Dwyane Wade Principals Autograph Jersey (white) BV $?

    New product of hot rookie (I would keep, cept I already have autos of him). Odds on packs are 1:480, though not all the auto jerseys are of rookies or star players. I'm looking at a BV range of $100-150 (his SPx auto is BV $100, but #ed out of a very high production count of 750...I am positive that this is rarer, since Honor Roll is not as mainstream and is RETAIL only, won't find this product in a hobby shop).

    Taking best offers of autographs for this card. No CCs, no 20 $5 cards, etc.

    Pic is below.


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    ufgator12279-nice card....if you noticed all sp stuff comes out really high and then just takes a plunge.....sp is a better product than honor roll as well...ide be intrested in it and even offer stuff out of my personal collection for it but i highly doubt that it will book at what your asking.....then again i could be wrong...if you still have it ill ry and get it from you when bv comes outon it..also is it numbered????

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    I have a 04 Keith Bogans Fleer Focus Silver Anniversary RC #'d 07/25 BV ?, a dwyane wade victory rc, a couple caron butler rc's including a fleer authentix #'d rc, and the cards on my site. LMk if you're interested in any of these.

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    Well, like I said...the SPx BVs are out. The Wade SPx Auto/Jersey is $100.

    Here's a comparison w/ a Honor Roll Rookie Auto Jersey from last year's line compared to a SPx from last year's line.

    Tayshaun Prince 02-03 Honor Roll Auto Principals Jersey BV $40.00

    Tayshaun Prince 02-03 SPx Auto Jersey #ed BV $30.00

    Now why in the world would an "inferior" product that only sells at retails compared to a premium product like SPx book more?

    Check out Ebay, which Lebron auto is rarer? You'll find Lebron Autos from Honor Roll that are selling more than their "premium" counterparts b/c they are actually harder to find (who expects to find a star rookie auto in a retail product??). The SPx autos are #ed to like 750, if I remember correctly...SP Authentic was even worse, up to 1500.

    The Wade is not numbered. I would like a autograph that BVs for $100 or more.


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