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Thread: New Dicast Mojo !!

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    New Dicast Mojo !!

    Wanted to pick up a Jimmie Johnson Dicast Cheap, and wound up getting a couple of others. My limit for buying dicast is 20$ each, and paid just a little over that apiece including shipping. Today the cars arrived and I got a little surprise.

    First is a Carl Edwards Team Caliber Prefered Chrome Edition that is certified auto. Awesome, best part the auto was on the window.

    Second is a Kyle Busch from his Ditech days. It's an Action Certified Auto Limited Edition. Awesome, would have prefered a windshield auto but can't argue for the price.

    And last was what started my search. It was a 2006 Action Owners Elite Championship Limited Edition. All of them came in sealed. This one blew my doors off. It is serial numbered 0048. And on the bottom also has the stamp and plate, this is #48 in the series made. Awesome.

    Here's some pics, can't figure out how to get the serial to show up in the pics yet.

    Carl Edwards Certified Team Claiber
    Chrome Prefered Auto Edition

    Kyle Busch Action Hendrick Motorsports 87 Kyle Busch
    Certified Auto Limeted Edition

    Jimmie Johnson Action Owners Elite Championship Edition.

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    love the edwards car-I got a team caliber sig editon car a lot like that-except it isnt chromed lol.

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    I had some people asking about the JJ numbered out of
    48. In my excitement I didn't even see the Certificate was
    numbered also. I was able to get the serial with the 0048 and
    also the number on the bottom which matches,0048 and the
    certificate. It was hard to get the bottom metal plate to
    show up due to flash.

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    Wow! Those all look very nice! Congrats!

    Thanks for sharing!


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