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    3 More "I want your Current Tigers Cards" and I'm done with it for a year...

    Ok, I want cards of anyone who is on any roster currently in the Tigers Organization or even the coaches. And Later On in the Day, I will be listing players I need from Other teams for spring training. I do have a couple GU I'll offer if I can get the trade high enough in my favor. Please give me card set names and players!
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    I know you said your looking for current Tigers, but I just got a 04 Timelines Jack Morris auto if you are interested, i would trade it for a Mark Prior insert

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    Would it matter what Prior insert? I'll try to dig one up if I have one.

    To anyone else who replies, I'm looking for base, inserts, and #'d only after this one with aug06.
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    You kow I have you covered if you need Pirates.:)
    let me know who you need the most on the Tigers and I will see if I have anything else.

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    I have enough time to send some to you? I did get a Acevedo I dont need, even though I know you have it.

    Mike Maroth, Chris Spurling, and Bowman Heritage Tigers.

    PS, come into the chat and we can talk.
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    Nobody else wants to get rid of their Tigers cards. Ignore my site completely because I probably have nothing that's on there and just tell me what you have and I'll find something for you.

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