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Thread: anyone want to buy or trade

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    anyone want to buy or trade

    I am looking to trade for:
    I am looking for cards $10 and above. If you want to buy let me know which ones you like and i will let you know a price. weeks may be for trade for other bdp autos, the young isn't

    basketball :lebron, carmello, jason richardson auto, stephon maubury gu and autos, star spx rcs, star patches, hot selling cards

    football: leftwich, boldin, davis, loydd, vick rcs, gu, autos, harington rcs, gu autos, spx star rcs autos, hot selling card

    All BDP AUTOS, prior autos and rcs, delmon young, weeks, ryan wagner, MAUER RCS AND AUTOS AND GU, pujols rcs and autos, star autos, hot selling cards.

    If you want something real bad i can take a look at your site.

    IM ME at

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    2002 leaf rookies and stars freshman orentation joey harrington

    2003 spx sumpreme signatures Arron Brooks

    What Boldins do you have?

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    and i didn't see anything i could use, thanks for the response

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