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    04 Donruss DK Box Break (Nice 1/1 Pull)

    Opened a box of 04 Donruss DK, here are the goods. All are for trade, also have a ton of the normal base cards so send a PM if you're going for the set.

    Flashback #152 Mark Grace
    Flashback #158 Mike Mussina

    Legends #165 Andre Dawson
    Legends #168 Whitey Ford
    Legends #172 Steve Carlton

    Bronze Mike Sweeney #46 017/100
    Framed Portraits Bronze #146 Vinny Chulk
    Framed Portraits Bronze #19 Edgar Martinez (NFT)
    Framed Portraits Silver #92 052/100 Junior Spivey
    Heritage Collection #HC-14 Nolan Ryan

    Diamond Cut Collection GU Bat #DC-14 072/100 Brandon Webb
    Diamond Kings Signature Auto Platinum 1/1 Chien-Ming Wang

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    Nice Wang LOL
    Wantlist and tradelist:
    Hidden Content

    Collect Albert Pujols,Mets,golf,Topps brand RCs and set wantlist on my page. Photobucket is garbage.

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    I'm jealous of your wang :D

    PLMK what Marlins you got.


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    did you get any Mark Prior's you could trade
    Looking for 2009 Score Retro RC's, also Topps & Bowman Chrome Football RC's

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    i heard 1/1's are one a case in this product
    still a cool pull though
    would like to see a scan as well because he's a yankee and i can always use yankees


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    I have yet to scan the Wang, but will try to get one posted sometime tomorrow. Thanks to all for the nice comments :D

    Sportnut- The only Marlins I pulled were base cards of Cabrera, Lowell, and Castillo

    Mike- Sorry, didn't pull any Prior

    Loop- Yea, I also heard the 1/1's were one per case. There's a similar 1/1 Wang auto on ebay already (the framed platinum version) so I expect to get a value estimate once it's completed.

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    I'd like to get the Legends #165 Andre Dawson. LMK what you'd want in trade or check my site please.


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    I'm going to refrain from making any Wang comments....

    Nice pull on the Wang. Oops.

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