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    some nice vintage (70s) RCs for trade...

    Here is what I have to trade. I can get scans of them all (some are on my site already). Many of these will be tough to get. let me know if interested in anything here...I am looking for star autos, or high end RCs in return...

    here is what I have...

    1970 Topps Bill Russell RC
    1970 Topps Vida Blue RC
    1972 Topps Carlton Fisk RC (only trade towards a Prior, Pujols, or Bonds AUTO, or another high end vintage RC)
    1976 Topps Willie Randolph RC
    1976 OPC Ron Guidry RC
    1978 Topps Jack Morris RC
    1978 Topps Eddie Murray RC (same as the Fisk)

    let me know if interested in anything!

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