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    man thats like a pull of a lifetime there to tell you the truth. I believe it was soriono2bemvp or something like that pulled a REGULAR leftwhich jersey/auto in still those go for 400ish online. The golds go at least 2x and sometimes ive seen them as high as 5x value to the reg ones just by ebay prices. They are very very nice cards indeed


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    Scroll like 1/2 way down the page. He told me he wanted like $300 for the card. Maybe I should have bought it from him? I mean it's no jag patch, but still would fetch a pretty penny!

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    Your right with that one iggy.. your probly saving a lil bit of money on the deal too instead of buying it off the bay


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    altho the auction ended at 900-sumthin, i still think that the winner got a steal consodering that ive seen wimpy 2 color leftwichs that have gone for 450-500 and those werent even the gold....i think that once brunell is shipped out of jacksonville that card could easily fetch 1200++.....thats just my opinon tho.

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