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    G\u for trade. Looking for rcs & HOF autos

    Looking for $10 + rcs of star or Superstar players. Also looking for HOF autos. Will trade heavily in your favor for really nice rcs of HOF autos. looking for football, baseball or basketball.
    A few names I am looking for
    Baseball: Ichiro, Pujols, Prior, Tony Gwynn,Kerry Wood, Sosa, Bonds, Jeter, A Rod & others
    Football: Peyton Manning, Roy Williams, Portis, NcNabb, Favre & others
    bkb: Josh Howard, Yao, Shaq, T Mac, Iverson & others
    Heres what I have

    03 UD Game Face Gear Barry Zito jsy bv $15
    02 Fleer Authentix Andruw Jones "Ripped" Bat card bv $15
    Topps 206 Miguel Tejada jsy bv $10
    02 Fleer Genuine Leaders Todd helton Jsy bv $10
    01 SP Game Bat Edition Luis Gonzalez bv $10
    01 Studio Lance Berkman "Warning Track bv $10
    03 UD MVP Schilling\Pettite Dual gu Base card bv $10
    03 Focus Shirtified Richie Sexson Jsy bv $10 (chipping on back)
    02 UD Peoples Choice Rafeal Furcal Peoples choice jsy bv $10

    03 UD All Access Stephon Marbury jsy bv $15

    02 Pacific Santana Moss jsy card bv $10

    PLMK & Thanks,

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    i still have the t-mac finest rc if you need it

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    Hey, I just picked up a T Mac Finest. I may be interested in the Sosa rcs. What do you like? any other rcs of HOF autos? I'll trade 2x in your favor in HOF autos

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    hey give me a list of what you have
    and i'm sure we can work out a deal

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    i have these of sosa
    1-score bv 8
    3-fleer bv 8 each
    2-donruss bv 8 each

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    how much bv of rc's would you need for all of them listed above

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