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    Buying 87 Fleer commons with cc

    Looking for lots of atleast 50+++ lmk if you have any, players dont matter I just loved this set when I was little and would like to get some of them.

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    I have 125 from the Regular Set + 25 from the Update Set (all different - I have about 25 more if you want duplicates). Almost all are commons, but there is a Chuck Finley RC (BV $2).

    I'll do all 150 for 500 CC DLVD (550 CC if you want the duplicates).

    LMK if you're interested

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    Will you go 450? That's less than 2 CC/Card + 200 CC for Postage (Or 3 CC/Card if you prefer it that way). Commons in that set are 15 Cents and you'd be getting the $2 Chuck Finley RC

    If it helps, I'll give you $5 Paypal for an additional 500 CC if you'll do the above (since I know you're looking to sell some)

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    You interested in trading? I'll take almost anything pre-1996 and some 2002 sets that I don't have of equal value in return. Take a look at my wantlist and LMK.

    Thanks, Ken

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